A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.

Olympic medals

If your Google Business Profile is in the top 3 "medal  winners" of Google Maps, congratulations!

You have faaar more business coming in than any "loser" spot (#4, #5, #6, etc.) could bring.

Even more than if your website is in the top 3 (though that def helps).

And if you're NOT a Google Local Olympic finalist?

Sorry, Cheech, you are NOT a champion.

But if you want to be a champion, and you want more business coming in than ever?

You can.

You can win.  Unequivocally.  Irrefutably.

People know a champion when they see one.

And if you want it to happen slowly, and at a super high cost you're in the right place.

I'm kidding.

Thilly Gooth

That's the whole point of this page.

I'm serious.

Maximize Method will make you a Local Champion faster than you can say Bruce Jenner.

Faster than any other SEO agency fiddling around with their prepubescent (outdated) diddlies (methods).

Maximize Method ...wait for it ...maximizes the signals your business sends to Google... maximize your rankings...

...which maximizes the number of people who see you,.

Then we maximize your 5-star reviews...

...which maximizes the number of people who CHOOSE you.

And the best part?

We even maximize your budget.

Not only do we do MORE while charging you less.

We also get you a tax credit so the government foots ALMOST HALF the bill.

What other company does that?

Gets you rankings fast,

charges less,

and gets the government to pay for half?

(cousin vinny - I aks ya)