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MAXIMIZE METHOD is proven to increase REVENUES
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MAXIMIZE METHOD is hyper-growth for local businesses

Now, more people shop through Google Maps / Business than any other online medium.

Google report Forbes clip

It's the world's #1 social network for local businesses.

Google Maps: the most profitable place to be on the Internet for local businesses

Most people are not using it as a social network for their business.

Therefore, most businesses are missing out on huge amounts of revenue.

Don't be like most people.

Ted Lasso: Coach Beard saying "Do better."

We use simple signals that tell Google's AI to show our businesses to local shoppers.

(Usually takes a few days but can take up to 4 weeks.)

This gets shoppers to call, message, ask questions, get directions, write reviews...

50% of shoppers visit a store after finding it on Google Maps

Which tells Google's AI to continue giving priority visibility ...

...and brings in even more active shoppers ...

...cutting the cost of acquiring customers.

Then we use a proprietary strategy across ALL social media platforms to stay top-of-mind and increase "household name brand" recognition.

82% of people click on brands they're familiar with in SERPs

Which keeps revenue growing sustainably.

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