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Unlike risky regular SEO, the Maximize Method:

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How The Maximize Method Uses Social Signals To Get More Customers & Revenue From Google Maps In Under 30 Days

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What Is The Maximize Method
and How Does It
TURBO Charge Revenue Growth

Grow Brain input output
Grow Brain input output
Social Signals 2x growth

Social Signal

The most trusted form of value indicator for Google.  Now providing 100s of times more value attribution than SEO.

Maximize Method on target attribution

Maximize Method

The "feeding" of social signals data to Google Business to improve local relevance and ranking accuracy.

The Result

Results 30 days Little Rock
Results 14 days Brighton Thornton
Results 7 days Houston
Results 6 days St Louis
Drive-in movie theater was invisible, then within 10 days was sold out.
126% increase in phone calls in 2 weeks
256% increase in phone calls in 2 weeks
256% increase in phone calls in 2 weeks
86% increase in phone calls in 2 weeks

Who Is Using It?

Testimonials From Local Business Owners
in Industries Like Yours

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Shane campaign results email
Ian Facebook recommendation
Jeff's Google review
Jeff Facebook testimonial
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How I Used Social Signals
+ AI Models To Scale Businesses' Revenue 300%+

In This Video You Will Learn

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    The strong Google Business foundation I always set—in one day—that increases companies' revenue within an average 2-4 weeks
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    A new way to "rank" on Google Maps that we used to 2x, 3x, even 8x our clients' revenues
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    The one-piece of User Experience data that can set any business apart from its competition and attract more customers

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How We Get Customers Cheaper
WHILE Increasing Revenue

In This Video You Will Learn

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    Point Blank: How I get customer cheaper than my competitors
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    Why many businesses are losing customers to their "A-player" competition
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    How not having this strategy can cause you to miss out on sales on ALL platforms

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Results movie theater 10 days

How To Use Social Signals To Train Google Maps
AI To Give Your Business Priority

In This Video You Will Learn

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    How I train Google Maps AI to dramatically increase visibility & engagement
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    Why the data you (likely) currently send the AI damages sales
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    A simple way to get this data to the Maps AI now

Video (COMING SOON): Brand Recognition & Getting More Sales Through Omnipresence On All Social Media

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See A Metric
Ton More Results and Get A Custom
Gold Medal Strategy

MAXIMIZE METHOD is hyper-growth for local businesses

Now, more people use Google Maps / Business to shop local than any other online medium.

Google report Forbes clip

It's the world's #1 social network for local businesses.

Google Maps: the most profitable place to be on the Internet for local businesses

Most people are not using it as a social network for their business.

Therefore, most businesses are missing out on huge amounts of revenue.

Don't be like most people.

Ted Lasso: Coach Beard saying "Do better."

We use simple signals that tell Google's AI to show our businesses to local shoppers.

(Usually takes a few days but can take up to 4 weeks.)

This gets shoppers to call, message, ask questions, get directions, write reviews...

50% of shoppers visit a store after finding it on Google Maps

Which tells Google's AI to continue giving priority visibility ...

...and brings in even more active shoppers ...

...cutting the cost of acquiring customers.

Historically, this is our clients' best source of revenue, providing the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

Revenue Per Lead bar graph - SEO vs Google Business Profile
Source: Shawn Joshi

Then, optionally, we use a proprietary strategy across all major social media platforms to stay top-of-mind and increase "household name brand" recognition.

Brand Trust eye tracking study by Red C Marketing

Which helps revenue continue to grow.

Want to launch your wedding photography business's growth today?

Start climbing the Google Maps ranks in today:

Check out our downright cocky 365-day guarantee


...and learn how we use an IRS tax credit to cut your costs and make our marketing services the least expensive, yet most effective for US local businesses, anywhere.

Choose Your Path
To Guaranteed Growth:

1. SEO Service Provider

  • Zero Risk.
  • Fastest Wedding Photographers SEO Service In The World.
  • Best Wedding Photographers SEO company in .
  • Guaranteed Top 3 Rankings (we strive for 30 days or less, but it depends on the market).
  • Get Found By Your Ideal Clients In Hundreds (or Thousands) of Ways.
  • Be More Omnipresent Than Competing Wedding Photographers.
  • 10x Your Client Intake.
  • Unique Pricing Structure: after 90 days, pay only a small maintenance fee, like insurance for your listing.
  • You Get Your Very Own Marketing Superstar—Batteries Included, Lifetime Updates Included.
  • 1-Year Happiness Guarantee.


All the sweat, all the costs, all the results are on me to deliver.

Until I do?  I don't get paid.

Once I do, you share a small profit portion with me or small equity in your company, or both.

"Hidden" benefits of this model:

  • having more fun
  • never having to source another marketing person ever again
  • enjoying the “shared success” aspect of major milestones
  • making the company more attractive to potential outside capital investment or
  • increased valuation upon exit

Pay Per Lead

Small set up fee, then pay based on performance.

Use your Google Business listing, or I'll create one.

Multiple locations created at no additional expense.  (How big do you want to be?  How far do you want to reach?)

Robust tracking and fair Pay Per Lead system in place.  Pay only for real qualified leads.

Or, you can spend years learning really, really ridiculously good SEO like I did.

In that case, here's the entire process ...exactly what to do, in what order:

Wedding Photographers SEO Strategy

Coming Soon
256% increase in phone calls in 2 weeks

WHY do SEO for Wedding Photographers?

  • More clients.
  • More reviews.
  • More revenue.
  • More digital real estate.
  • More visibility.
  • More authority.
  • More market power.
  • More assets.
  • Higher company valuation.
  • More... Better...
Adam 7-figure testimonial

WHEN to do SEO for Wedding Photographers?


Now is ALWAYS the best time.  The longer you wait, the further behind competing wedding photographers you fall, the harder it is to catch up, gain a foothold, or get ahead.

WHO Should Do SEO?


If not you, then other wedding photographers are scooping up clients that could be yours.

Fair market.  Fair game.

But if you use the Maximize Method, then it's really not fair anymore.  You'll have better rankings and better reviews.

More "traffic" and calls to your business, and more of them convert from inquiries into clients.

Those who should do Maximize Method SEO are those who sincerely, deeply desire to grow their practice.

1000% increase in website traffic

WHERE To Do SEO For Wedding Photographers?

Wherever you want to get new clients.

It's your choice:

  • Neighborhoods
  • City / Cities
  • County / Counties
  • State
  • Country

Our default Service Provider Standard Operating Procedure is to get your sample wedding photos and services ranked and visible for hundreds of searches in all the cities, neighborhoods, and counties surrounding you place of business.

Each additional location on the Service Provider model costs less and less.

If you choose the Equity Partners or Pay Per Lead path, we can expand your online presence as far as you want to go within the US at no additional charge.

After all, it's in both of our best interests to do this for you.

WHAT Is SEO For Wedding Photographers & WHAT Do Its Best Practices Entail?


Search Engine: in this case, Google: where basically the entire world goes online to find something, especially local businesses and services.

Optimization: to make something as good or effective as possible; in this case, making your website and Google Business / Maps profile as visible and authoritative as possible so that people who use Google find you and contact you when they search for any type of wedding photography services.

Google IS the Internet
Behavior matters in search results

To do this ...to optimize your wedding photography for highest visibility on the world's largest commerce platform ...we use:

Social Signals: aka User Journey Signals.  Our system makes it crystal clear to Google's algorithms that your business provides the most relevant, high quality experience for its users.

We also use some traditional SEO practices that you've likely heard about, such as high quality content and directory backlinks.

The name of the game is relevance.

We maximize your relevance for both: Google's internal touchpoints (signaling legitimacy) and the external touchpoints it tracks from users (signaling popularity).

The result is your service becomes a community-impacting, money-printing machine that never breaks.

86% more calls

HOW To Do SEO For Wedding Photographers

Here is our wedding photographers SEO strategy:

Step 1: Fill out everything in your Google Business Profile.  Everything.  (Use GIFT 1, the Google Business Optimization Checklist below.)

Step 2: Use www.usa.com/rank to find all cities surrounding your location in a 30 mile radius down to a population of 1,000.  (Filter by Total Population around a Zip Code.)

Step 3: Use Google Search to collect all neighborhoods within each of those cities.

Step 4: Collect all zip codes in each city.

Step 5: Create a Location Landing Page for each city with relevant information about the city itself and about the services offered by you.  (Use GIFT 6, the Location Landing Page Optimization Formula below.

Step 6: Create a Page for each neighborhood and link it to the appropriate Location Page.

Step 7: Use a schema markup generator to create a schema for the home page and for each Location Page and put it in the <head> section of the website code.  Be sure to include the Google Maps CID in each one (instructions here - tab 7).

Step 8: Optimize the rest of the site.  Best practices: keyword(s) + city in the Title tag, keyword(s) + city in  the H1 tag, H2 tags, and H3 tags, as well as the alt tag of each (or most) images; ample relevant content; social proof on every page; call to action on each page numerous times or always prominent; relevant video on each page.

Step 9: Get a free (or paid) BBB listing.

Step 10: Get a bunch of citations from custom sources that the other wedding photographers don't have.  (Use GIFTS 4 & 5, the Citations Wishlist Builder and 500+ Citations Sources below.)

Step 11: Check review velocity of the top 3 Google Maps wedding photographers by looking up your top 3 competitors in Maps and seeing how frequently and how recently they get reviews.

Step 12: Get reviews to your listing at a frequency greater than theirs.  Repeat daily or as needed.  (Use GIFT 2, the Review Request Swipe File below to assist.)  (Use this training, in the "Grow" tab, for more review-getting ideas.)

Step 13: Get users to leave questions and answers on your Google Maps listing.  Repeat daily or as needed.

Step 14: Get users to search your company in Google Search or Google Maps after searching for relevant places.  Repeat daily or as needed.

Best SEO for small business - how goofy is it to think you can run a SUPER competitive race with a broken foot
Roof repair top 3 after 2 weeks

Step 15: Force Google to turn on its AI (expensive!) by visiting hyper relevant, data rich search strings its algorithm has never seen before.  Twice a day.  Change search strings weekly or bi-weekly.  (Some of our Secret Sauce ...revealed if you book a time to chat.)

Step 16: Get users to search your business using relevant keywords and previous searches, and request driving directions from your Maps listing.  Repeat daily or as needed.

Step 17: Get users to search your business using relevant keywords and previous searches, and message your Maps listing.  Repeat daily or as needed.

Step 18: Get users to search your business using relevant keywords and previous searches, and call your business through the Maps listing.  Repeat daily or as needed.

Step 19: Love the increase in business.

The Power of Reviews

Getting Reviews: Case Studies, Results, & Proof. The Power of Social Proof Is Undeniable

Invite Only

FREE Local SEO Tools & Resources

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The Google Business Optimization Checklist

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Location Landing Page Optimization Formula

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Location Landing Page Optimization Formula
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The Point-Of-Interest Supporting Page Formula

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The Point-Of-Interest Supporting Page Formula
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With Maximize Method you will be able to


Increase the visibility of your business on Google Maps in and around


Increase revenues, often by 100%, 200%, even 300%, usually in less than 30 days


Become a familiar, trusted, highly rated "household name" by staying top-of-mind


Save money on marketing, advertising, customer acquisition, and payroll


Make all other acquisition channels work better because of more, consistent social proof


Take the lion's share of your local market