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G-Maps Maximize Method

Step-by-step, detailed instructions for Google Maps (aka Google My Business) to get more Maps visibility, market share, customers, and revenue in 2-4 weeks

Covers every aspect of Google My Business for maximized exposure in your city/cities

Unlimited Support

One-time payment

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Force Google to TRUST Your Business

More Trust = More Visibility = More Revenue

Required to get into the Top 3 positions in Google Maps (as described in the G-Maps Maximize Method).

Better, faster and cheaper than any other offer out there.

  • 1-3 Day Turnaround
  • Best Directories
  • Free Audit & Cleanup
  • Hand Entered
  • Full Report

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Triple Your Revenue in 90-120 days

Gorilla Glue your website to the top of Google Search AND Maps.  When that happens, revenue triples or more.  Don't take my word for it.  Here's the data.

Includes the Premium "Force Google to Trust You" package (so don't buy that, in addition).

Unlimited Support

60-Day Money Back Guarantee (90 days for cities of 800k population)

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

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5⭐ Reviews: Load 'Em Up & Show 'Em Off

Manage, Build & Automatically Market your reputation.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to manage your reputation from one place.

Grow your 5-star reputation FAST and keep the momentum going.

A robust dashboard unlike anything on the market.

FREE for 30 days!

Easy & Fast: We'll also get you five new 5-star reviews in five days, to show you how easy and fast it is.

Your own dedicated portal.

Post Regular, Relevant Info on Your GMB

As described in Stage 4 of the GMB Maximize Method.

Cheap, professional, hands-off.


Premium Hosting For a Fraction of the Price

Lightning fast speed

Free SSL

Dedicated server

99.9% up-time guarantee

24/7 support

Financing / Capital

Creative capital.

Access to non-traditional sources.


Helpful, non-invasive process.

Grow Your Revenue with Google Ads

We use the complex and cost-effective 1-to-1 Method to generate higher quality leads at a lower price than your competition is paying.

Grow Your Revenue with Facebook Ads

Learn Facebook Ads for Yourself

Want to use Facebook Ads but don't want to pay someone else to do it?

This cost-effective alternative provides proven ad campaigns we've used in the past with positive results.

Just copy, paste, and customize for your business details.

One-time payment.

Get More Customers with a Perfect Website

Optimized to convert visitors into customers.

Great-looking website design.

Fully customizable according to your needs and wants.

Follows the Local Landing Page best practices described in G-Maps Maximize Method.



Get great goodies to hand out to your customers and prospects.