Introduction To Citations

Finding Citations (Do-It-Yourself or Paid Service)

Getting Citations

Diamond Citations = Top Tier VIP Results

Proof: Results of Maximize Method + Diamond Citations (& The Power Of Voice Search)

Proof That Consistent Google Business Reviews Boosts Google Maps Ranking Priority & Cuts Costs To Acquire Customers

6 Powerful Strategies + Download To Consistently Get Real Reviews on Google Maps For More Visibility & Customers

Turn Negative Reviews Into Revenue - Why & How To Respond To All Reviews + Copy-Paste DOWNLOAD

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Get More Customers — On & Off Google — by Marketing / Promoting Your Reputation

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Get More "Google Maps Power" and More Citations with The Press Release Power-Up

Improve Google Maps Ranking and Priority with Local Relevance Networks

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Rank Higher On Google Maps: Instant Traffic Spike Technique

Part 2: Tactical

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Social Proof Pop

  • Instantly stream all your 5-star reviews to every page of your website so everyone sees your social proof no matter what page they are on. Includes an easy Contact Button.
  • Benefit: Increase website conversion up to 380% starting today.

Google Review Handout PDF

  • Customized with your logo, name, phone number, and anything else you want on there, it shows four easy steps to your customers on how to quickly leave you a Google review.
  • Benefit: Get more reviews on Google consistently without having to explain how each time.

30 Second 5-Star Review Commercial

  • Using one of your 5-star reviews (from anywhere), we feature it in a 30-second video with your name, logo, and contact info. Can be featured anywhere you want (including Google Maps) and can show up in Google Search when people look up your company.
  • Benefit: Feature and spread your company's reputation using video and get another piece of "Google real estate".

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