Do you want to scale your business?

Our Social Media program is still in Beta. That means:

YES! We will run your social media for free using our proprietary engagement strategy.

There are two obligations if you are chosen to participate:

1. We reserve the right to use your results as a case study (anonymously, of course)

2. We require your honest feedback on the system after 30 days.

Here is our proprietary process and what you will receive:

After the trial / study period (which typically ranges from 4-12 weeks), if you like the service and you want to continue, we'll give you an amazing deal. But there is no obligation to do so.

If you received an invitation, you do not need to apply. Just respond to whoever reached out to you.

Filling out an app will not guarantee acceptance into the program. But it doesn't hurt to apply! (We respect your privacy and hate spam; we will never spam you or sell your info.)

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