OTO Google Review PDF



Google reviews are critical to your local rankings and reputation.

This PDF is an easy way to encourage customers to review you.

Explains to customers how to find your Google Business Profile, how to leave a review, and how to create a free Google account if they don’t have one (which is required) …

…all on one page!

So you don’t have to explain anything at all.  Just hand it to every customer.

Or you can email the PDF, or snap a picture of it and text it to them.

You’ll get more Google reviews coming in – and (typically) better Google local rankings that put those reviews in front of more local customers.

  • It’s tried and true. It’s been field-tested by my customers, who give it to their customers, and get Google reviews in return.
  • Saves you time, gets you more reviews.
  • Works in every industry, including yours.
  • It’s Clear and Concise.
  • The steps work on any device: desktop, phone, and tablet.
  • Need a tweak? We’ll tweak it until it’s right for you.
  • One-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This Review Request Brochure is customized for your business, of course.

Attention: We do not sell reviews, nor do we recommend buying reviews; it’s unethical and might even be illegal. Instead, this PDF is instructions (with pictures!) that show your customers how to quickly and easily write a Google review of your business.

Get it.

On the Thank You Page, we’ll ask you the name and location of your business, so we can customize your handout.

Once we receive that info, we’ll make your review brochure and will email it to you as a PDF – ready to give to your customers in person, by email, or text!

One-Year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You have 365 days – yep, a whole year – to see how you like your Review Request Leaflet.

Your customers must find it easy to use, and you must be satisfied with the reviews it helps generate, or I’ll give you a full refund upon request, no questions asked.

Start getting more reviews today

Your customers just have to follow the simple steps on the leaflet – which takes about 3 minutes from start to finish.

Improving your online reputation has never been easier.

Here’s an image of the leaflet, just you have a crystal-clear idea of what yours will be like.

Your customized leaflet is just $20 – which is tax-deductible as a “business expense,” of course.

You have nothing to lose.

And you have reviews and customers to gain.

Order now.


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